22 days vegan Before and After Pics and progress report.

After about 22 days of eating a predominately raw diet that is 100% plant based I have some progress to report.

First, of all I went back to my doctor and of the 3 original spots that were concerning my doctors because they were precancerous and considered severe, there is only one spot left and it is smaller. I have chosen to go ahead and have that spot surgically removed because it is just a small spot and I am ready to be done with it however, I will continue to eat the way I am eating because I feel better.

Aside from healing my body in a short amount of time, I have also made measurable progress with the way my body looks.

This before and after photo was taken 49 days apart but the real shifts in my measurements started once I switched to a vegan, mostly raw diet. I did not fix my hair or put makeup on in either photo and am most likely going to take my next progress photo with kissologist, Jody mills of http://www.thekissboutique.com/  in a month or so. My family (Osha and Amy specifically) have been super supportive. Amy has lost 10 pounds and is doing awesome! Thanks to them and everyone else who has been keeping up with us!

P.S. My new favorite “ice cream” is fantastic for children too!

3 or 4 frozen ripe bananas

a little almond milk or coconut milk

2 dates or a tablespoon of raw honey

Blend it all together and top with shredded coconut




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3 responses

    • I don’t think so… You look like a strongirl.. :p ummm…. You just be more muscly and yahhh,more an athletic like… Ummm… An weightlifting athlete like:) I’m a lacto-vegetarian and I would try to be vegan ;) but no raw-diet please!!! The last time I eat soaked cashew and basil salad with parsley oil in a friend’s house that is raw-diet-ing and my tummy felt so funny and I got terrible stomachache :(

  1. You look fantastic! I’m in the process of transitioning to a vegan diet for weight loss and the overall health benefits too! I try to work out a little bit each day and am wondering if you had a rigorous exercise routine that you needed to incorporate for your weight loss?

    Also, glad to hear your health has benefited so tremendously!!

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